Air Purifier

Cleaner Air – Healthier Life! 

Purify the Air you Breathe! Our Air Purifier from Medisana using 3M Technology, delivers the clean air for the room.

By using Air Purifier, you are free from Dust Allergy, dust, polens, odours, bacteria and bad smell.

MEDISANA AIR® purifies the air continuously and effectively from particulate matter, dust, pollen, bacteria and even smells. At the core of MEDISANA AIR® is its antibacterial particulate filter from 3M®* and additional activated carbon filter. MEDISANA AIR® works on the convection principle and promotes the exchange of air.

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Cleans room air using an antibacterial particulate filter (F9>PM2.5) from 3M and additional activated carbon filtering; allergy-friendly

  • Frees the air particulates, dust, pollens, odours and bacteria
  • Particularly effective and quiet with low power consumption
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Automatic switch between day and night mode
  • Digital motor with an extra long operating life
  • Very low power consumption (1.5Watt)
  • Purifying output: 60qm/24h or 15qm/6hr
  • USB cable and mains Adapter
  • weight 600grams, Size: 15cm*15cm*30cm


Room Size and Rate of Purification


Day and Night Mode
MEDISANA AIR® switches automatically from day mode to a very quiet night mode. Thus, the innovative air purifier is an efficient way of providing fresh air in enclosed spaces around the clock.


LED Dust Light
The patented LED dust light ensures that the air is optimally filtered and it displays the degree of pollution or if the filter needs to be changed.

User Manual

How to Change Filter YouTube link