Blood Pressure Machine

Blood Pressure Machine: 


BPUA99143 BPUA51152

Which BP Machine is better for Home Use – Analog or Digital?

Answer: Digital BP Machine is better at Home Use. Please click Here to know the reason.

If you want to use it for home use, please use Digital BP machine. We recommend medical professionals to use high quality digital BP machine. Please let us know your requirements, we support you!

Types of Digital BP Machines:

  1. BP Machine Wrist:This has accuracy of about +/_3%. It is recommended only for home use.
    During measurement, the arm position, wrist position must be at heart level as shown in below picture:

HeartZone WristBPPosition

  1. BP Machine Upper Arm:This is more accurate. It can be used at home and also by the medical professionals:

BPUAPosition BPUAPosition1

Blood pressure may change depending on time, mood, meals etc. Digital BP machines are not the replacement of the analog ones used in hospitals, clinics.


Upper Arm BP Machine Product Catalog:

CE Ceritfied to use in Germany and all other Countries in the world!

Features of UA BU510:


Please see the catalog for variesties of Upper Arm BPs:

51160 UA BPM AM 2012 10 15 (HOT SALE)

99143 CL BU A50 AM

51047 WL_MTP_AM 2014 11 11

51152 CL MTS AM 2014 08 20


*Product Designed & Made by Medisana, Germany [CE Ceritified. According to WHO Regulations]
* Certified according to EU Regulations
* Accurate Blood Pressure
*In the pack: Complete Set: One BP machine, One cuff, battery, User guide
***One year service warranty/One Year Replacement for Device Error

Wrist BP Machine Product Catalog:

Wrist51255 51070_1 WristBP51070Cat1WristBP51070Cat2

51255 CL HGF AM 2011 08 03 (Hot Sale)

51070 CL BW 310 AM 2015 03 30 (Hot Sale)


* Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Machine for proper reading
* The product is CE certified and according to WHO classification
*Product Designed & Made by Medisana, Germany
* Accurate Blood Pressure
*In the pack: One BP machine, One cuff, battery, User Manual
**One year service warranty/One Year Replacement in case of Device Error