Impact of HealthCare Trends with Home Medical Devices:

  • Setup Place: At Patients‘s Home
  • Caregivers: Self, Family Members
  • Medical Technology: Devices have become more complex but accurate, smaller and portable
  • Patients: Increase of knowledge about healthcare options, more empowered and active in the decisions related to care
  • Doctors: Doctors can gather different real medical histories of a patient measured by the home medical devices to take decisions on treatment. e.g. history of bp, SpO2, Blood Sugar etc.

Why GBMedi Products:

  • GB MediHealthCare is dealing with Medical Devices which are
  • -100% safe
  • – CE Certification from Germany
  • – Devices which are used in developed countries like Germany, UK etc.
  • -100% safe- Made by & Designed in Germany


GBMedi Products (Blood Pressure Machine ):

  • Analog or Digital? – Digital BP Machine is better at Home Use
  • According to webmd USA, Most people in the Europe & USA use an automatic/digital device to measure blood pressure (BP) at home.
  • How the BP machine works: A blood pressure measurement is taken by temporarily stopping the flow of blood in an artery (usually by inflating a cuff around the upper arm) and placing the stethoscope on the skin over the artery. You listen for the sound of the blood beginning to flow through the artery again as air is released from the cuff.
  • According to the above process of BP measurement, one must be skilled to measure Blood Pressure by analog BP machine properly. Otherwise, big error may occur. This is more risky to judge a person’s BP by analog machine.
  • On the other hand, digital BP machine performs measurement process automatically. It is safer to us at home than the analog BP machine.
  • Therefore, digital BP machine is better to use at home.  Even the medical professionals may use high quality digital BP machine with high accuracy.
  • Accurate Results: Digital or Analog?
  • The accuracy of measured results depend on the skill of the person who measures. Therefore, nobody can say that analog is absolutely accurate! Basically, there is no abosultely accurate value available for BP using ordinary analog BP machine.
  • Blood pressure measured by digital machine is also recognized by World Health Organization WHO.


GBMedi Products (Nebulizer):

Features to Consider:

  • Nebulisers can be driven by compressed gas. Low Qulity nebulisers waste a great deal of the drug during expiration.
  • In order to produce small enough particles from solution in 5-10 minutes, gas flow rates of 6 L/minute are usually necessary.
  • Most of the low quality Nebulisers are highly inefficient and many deliver only 10% of the prescribed drug dose to the lungs. Much of the drug is caught on the internal apparatus or wasted during exhalation. The efficiency of drug delivery depends on the type and volume of nebuliser chamber and the flow rate at which it is driven.



Less wastage of the drug during expiration due to German designed Compressor

  • Produce small enough particles of drugs by very good flow rate
  • No wastage of drugs inside the Nebulizer or during expiration (optimum chamber)
  • Less sound than the others
  • 1 year replacement warranty but practically durability is more than 5 years
  • Our Nebulizer has Aluminium coil (Modern, more durable, not harmful to health, not poisonous) which is better than copper. In other products coil is usually hidden and mainly of copper.


GBMedi Products (PulseOximeter):

  • A pulse oximeter works by emitting an infrared light that shines through your body’s tissue to a photosensor on the other side. The infrared light is able to detect the amount of hemoglobin that is saturated with (or carrying) oxygen. The pulse oximeter will display a number that indicates the percent of hemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen. A pulse oximeter reading (denoted by SpO2) in the high 90s (i.e. 96%-99%) is considered normal.
  • For people with COPD, asthma, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and other conditions, pulse oximetry is a technology used to measure the oxygen level in your blood and your heart rate.


GBMedi Products (GlucoMeter):

Medisana Glucometer MediTouch provides highly accurate reading of blood sugar. The result was verified and compared in different labs of Bangladesh.



GBMedi is always dealing with Modern, cutting-edge and digital technology based Medical DevicesHealthcare at home would certainly increase the awareness of health to prevent severe sickness. GBMedi is your company to achieve this.