Pain Therapy TENS

Tens Pain Therapy (TDP):

TENS is understood as electrical nerve stimulation through the skin.

Proper use
The Medisana TENS- /EMS device is intended for the following application fields:
• Symptomatic relief of severe chronic pain, post-traumatic pain or acute
post-operative pain
• Increase of circulation in the treatment area
• Release of muscle cramps
• Post-operative stimulation of muscles to avoid thrombosis
• Prevention or inhibition of muscle loss
• Rebuilding of muscles
• Maintenance or improvement of mobility

Note: Please see the product catalog for limitations/Contraindications

Tens Stimulation current can be used as follows:
1. to fight pain (TENS = Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
2. to build up the muscles (EMS = Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
3. as electro-acupuncture




Body Positions of Electrodes for the Pain Relief Use:






Body Toner for TENS Therapy:

Manual and also controllable with iOs/Android Apps


How Pain is Relieved:

TENS is understood as electrical nerve stimulation through the skin. Pain is a natural and important warning signal of our body telling us that “something
is wrong”. If the reason for pain is diagnosed, but cannot or can only partially be removed, a long-lasting, persistent pain may evolve (= chronic pain).
This pain is therefore useless in its original form as a warning signal and can largely affect the life of the person suffering and possibly cause consequential effects such as tension, depression or reduced quality of life. Chronic pain can be treated with different methods: e.g. with medicaments or
operations, but also with alternative methods like acupuncture or TENS that are free of side-effects. On the one hand, the TENS treatment can block pain signals by interrupting the transmission of pulses through the skin to the painful parts by means of electric impulses. The signal “pain” is not passed on to the brain and thus not felt as pain.

On the other hand, special TENS applications activate the body’s control mechanisms. Gentle electric currents make the body release so-called “endorphins” that serve to reduce pain. The pain is thus stopped, eased or removed by the body itself. This electrical stimulation cannot remove the causes or cure the disease, but change the painful feeling. Painless conditions or pain relief can help the chronically suffering person have new, positive experiences, from which he or she can gain power and energy.



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